So, you’ve got two rambunctious kids, a wife, and a backache that’s bound to flare up from all the walking and urban adventuring you’ll be doing on your upcoming family getaway? Take a minute to imagine dealing with all that in a tiny hotel with two beds, a TV, and a microwave. It probably doesn’t sound like a fun experience, does it?

Well, thanks to serviced apartments, you don’t have to worry about that. A serviced apartment will bring the space, comfort, and atmosphere of home along with you on your vacation.

If you’re planning a big family getaway soon, here are some reasons you should consider a serviced apartment instead of your favorite hotel.

Included Maid Service

One of the big draws of booking a hotel is the included maid service that cleans up your room every day. You don’t usually get that at an Airbnb or a family member’s house. However, you do get it with a serviced apartment.

Serviced apartments have a full staff of maids ready to deliver new towels, consumables such as soap and shampoo, and of course, clean your room while you’re out having fun with your family.

Not having to worry about making the kids make their beds or having to clean the whole apartment takes a lot of stress off your shoulders so you can enjoy your family getaway.

A Comfortable Family Experience

Sharing one room, two beds, and a mini-fridge among a family of four isn’t exactly comfortable. You have to worry about nonstop noise from the kids, struggling to get comfortable after a long day of checking out local attractions, and figuring out how you’re going to make a simple meal to refuel at the end of the day.

A serviced apartment fixes all of that. Serviced apartments are fully furnished, and they have all the space you’ve come to expect from an apartment. You can even get two or three-bedroom apartments to ensure everyone has their own space during your family getaway.

Better yet, serviced apartments come outfitted with fully functional kitchen areas. So, you easily save a bit of your vacation fund for something a bit more interesting by cooking a meal or two in the comfort of your apartment. Some serviced apartments may even have a Beer Wall, either in the kitchen or in a lounge area, using which you can dispense your own drinks and have a great time with friends or family.

Security That Keeps Your Family Safe

You have your entire family with you, and it’s needless to say that they’re your top priority in life. You want to know that they’re safe during your family getaway.

Serviced apartments provide that high sense of security that you need to rest easy while you’re on vacation. Besides having monitored and guarded entryways and common areas to prevent troublesome outsiders from creating problems, serviced apartments also provide a lot more security than the simple key card locks you get with hotels.

Some provide video security monitoring, on-site security staff, secure lock systems that prevent entry to the complex as well as unique keys to your apartment, and various other security systems that ensure your family is safe during your stay.

The Benefits Don’t Stop There

When you choose a serviced apartment for your next family getaway, you’re provided with a comfortable, safe, and convenient accommodation that allows you to truly enjoy your vacation. From full furnishings chosen specifically for your comfort, to private bedrooms and full living areas, serviced apartments have a lot to offer.

Book your serviced apartment now to see what other benefits you can enjoy.