For many holidaymakers the length of their stay will often be a big factor in the type of accommodation that they book. For short-term travellers who are covering various different locations, often a hostel will do whilst if you are going for a more long term ‘relaxation’ break a hotel is preferred. One of the newest types of accommodation is the catered apartment. Keep reading to find out how they could be the perfect place to stay whether you are going for a week or a weekend.

  • Catered apartments cover options in various price ranges

Not all holidays and getaways are the same, budgets and timeframes vary as does the size of the travelling party and wants of the individuals. Catered apartments deal with this by offering options that are good for all areas of the market. This means whether you are looking for a place to stay in between your travels or a place to recharge for a full week you will be sure to find a catered apartment to match your needs.

  • Catered studio apartments are good for short-term travellers

As stated earlier, the size of the group travelling can have a big impact on the type of accommodation that you book. If you are going for a short weekend getaway by yourself, a small catered studio apartment could be the perfect way to get some time to yourself. You will have more privacy than you would in a hostel without having to fork out on large hotel costs.

  • Larger catered apartments work well for travelling families

On the flipside to catered studio apartments, the larger properties are also great for large travelling families. Townhouses provide a lot of rooms to cater for larger parties whilst some large rural manor houses provide a great setting if you are planning a week or weekend away with a large number of people.

  • They help you save money on big family holidays

Many traditional holidaymakers would often opt for a hotel as the accommodation for their family holiday. However, in more recent years, the catered apartment market has helped to bring down the cost of accommodation for large families. The flat booking for a single apartment usually adds up to far less than the total cost of hotel rooms for a similar establishment.