As much as we might like to think differently or convince ourselves otherwise, many of us who don’t quite travel as much as we used to or as much as we’d like to only have one thing to blame for that, which is the size of our bank balance! Yes, money is indeed the one barrier which stands between taking that next trip and having to slave away at your cubicle and in some instances a lack thereof is the reason why some would-be travellers don’t have a history of travelling anywhere to speak of, really.

But we’re allowed to dream, aren’t we, and if by some stroke of luck you suddenly came into a huge windfall, like winning some money from, where would you go? I certainly know where I’d go, which to be quite honest with you would be absolutely anywhere and everywhere my money can take me!

Okay, but first I think I’d go and visit all the places I’ve already been to, which is the one area in my life on which I can look back on with some pride. However, I’m sure I speak for every traveller whose travels were for leisure purposes over something like a work deployment in saying that the time you spend at any destination is just never enough. It really doesn’t matter if you stayed in a dingy, tight hostel which made you feel claustrophobic or if you lived it up like royalty in the presidential suite of a five-star hotel. Either way, that experience in itself by way of its quality was perhaps affected by your budget. If however your budget was indeed one which affords you the finer elements of travel, you’d perhaps want to go back to every place you’ve visited to experience so much more of it. It’s just never enough, so that’s why I’d go back to try and finish something which in reality can never really be “finished.”

I guess it would be somewhat of a blessing and a curse at the same time, travelling as a newly-loaded globe trotter. I say this because considering how I have a yearning to go back to all the places I’ve already been to before, when would be the ideal time to say “enough is enough” and move on to the next destination? I mean if you have the money to stay at a specific hotel you particularly like for as long as they accept your money as payment, what incentive do you have to move right along and explore the next destination on your list?

Perhaps then walking away with a partial but sizeable winning from the likes of the would do then!

Seriously though, I think that if anybody won the lotto or came into a good sum of money in any way and the travel world turned into their oyster, you wouldn’t really know what to do with yourself. You wouldn’t know where or how to start, in which case that world map on the wall and dart cliché would probably come in very handy to help you along your path to making a decision.