For many people, on the idea of a traveling vacation means that they are going to a specific location. However, for some people, it might be smarter or more interesting to travel to an event rather than a place. In fact, finding a good mix of vacations that include both a location and an event will often make overall travel that much more enjoyable.

A few types of events that may be fun to travel to during vacation time would include weekend special events, sports and competition events, music festivals, or even political gatherings that are becoming more common these days. These are just a few examples of your focus, and having the intention to travel to events often increases enjoyment of vacation opportunities.

Weekend Special Events

All around the world, there are special events occurring that associate with particular companies, ideas, or niches of the population. For example, you could use a vacation to go on a weekend getaway that is put on to sponsor a particular cause. Or maybe your company is going to have a team-building exercise somewhere that everyone needs to meet for a weekend. If these specific special events aren’t mainstream occurrences, you can expect a much more socially intimate experience.

Sports and Competitions

Traveling to go to a major professional sporting competition is another good concept for a destination vacation. If you have a favorite football team, for example, you can make a trip especially to see them in their home stadium. Many people will save up for years to get a ticket to go to a Super Bowl if that’s a big part of how they enjoy their lives. You can make some amazing memories going to these types of competitions. Think of the people who make travel arrangements to see the Olympics as well. All of those fit in the category of traveling to experiences rather than places.

Music Festivals

Finding a good music festival to go to can help you with your vacation plans as well. There are all sorts of people who feel the freest and most relaxed when they’re at music festivals around the world. They can schedule their entire year’s vacations around being able to go see their favorite bands play at venues that make them happy.

Political Gatherings

And more common these days than before, maybe you want to travel to a political gathering of some sort. There have been all sorts of rallies for all sorts of different causes in the past year especially. If you can find a lot of like-minded individuals who believe in the same things as you and are fighting for a change of some sort, going on a vacation to be around them may be one of the most memorable experiences of your life.