Travel Romania is a unique experience of a lifetime that will transform you into a Travel Romania fan. Travel Romania is the largest country in Romania, situated on the border with Moldova and Ukraine. Travel Romania is also known as “the Land of My Dreams”. Here is a brief description of the things that you can expect in this beautiful land.

The first thing that you will notice in Travel Romania is the people. You will see an amazing mix of modern and traditional culture in bucciarati or bucovina. A typical day in bucciarati starts with a short walk from the entrance to the Old Town. Here you will find some excellent markets where you can buy a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables and crafts. On your way back, in a different direction, you will pass through some historical walls, monasteries and churches. A short ride on a donkey takes you back to the market and the churches.

If you are looking for a more informative way to enjoy your vacation in bucovina, you might want to visit Cautious, the capital city of bucovina. Here you will find several interesting museums and architectures. The main attraction in Cautious is the National Museum, which is one of the best preserved examples of medieval architecture in Europe. You will find also some great artworks all over the place. If you want to spend your day in the city you should try to join a guided tour, but if you are interested in history you can simply walk down to the harbor and watch the fishing boats.

Travel Romania along the Danube Delta. The Danube Delta has two large islands separated by bridges. You will probably pass along a large number of historic sights such as the fortress of Transylvania, the magnificent castle of Bucem or the beautiful village of Cernavoda.

Travel to the Romanian area around the Town of Crai. Here you will get to see some of the most beautiful villages in the country. To name a few, there is Veliko tarnovo where you can visit a ruined fort (the only one of its kind in the region), the village of Dobrinishte (it is a former spa town that is now a tourist destination) and Podhumei village. Other places worth visiting are the cities of Wiliamsburg and Cracova.

Travel Romania along the Danube Delta. This is a trip that will absolutely change your perspective on travel. It is possible to see most of the major tourist destinations in Romania but you will be stopping at the serene and scenic seascape of the Danube. A day that should be cherished by every traveler. Travel Romania!