No wonder, travelling solo is joyous and exhilarating but one needs to understand that solo travel needs extra precautions in comparison to travelling with a companion or in a group. Safety begins before you leave and it’s important to be fully aware of the fact that you are responsible for all your choices and there would be nobody of your own in the big wild world. Right from taking care of yourself to keeping yourself alert, mindfulness is a key while travelling solo.

Below are the top 8 safety travel tips for 2020 that would help you trot around the globe freely and much more secure.

1) Research well before you leave

The most important point about a happy trip is a well-researched travel plan. A solo traveller needs to research end-to-end right from the place, culture, weather, stay, food to excursions. Make sure you go to various websites and read the reviews of the travellers. Skip off-beat destinations and stick to travel destinations that are frequently travelled. More you are informed, there are fewer chances of uncalled incidents. 

2) Carry Mask, Hand Sanitizer and Gloves

This is the mandatory travel requisites in the new normal. Impact of COVID-19 on travelling has been the most dreadful. It has changed the contours of travelling in 2020. We cannot step out without a mask, sanitizer and gloves even locally then how can someone travel forgetting about these items? Keep a few sets of Gloves like those you’ll find at Unigloves as well as masks that are disposable if you do not want to wash the laundry while travelling. 

3) Dress appropriately and walk with confidence

There is an old saying, when in Rome do as Romans do’. Always remember the cultural variations as to what is acceptable in clothing while visiting a place. It’s important for a solo traveller not to walk like an alien who can easily be spotted in a crowd. Be considerate of the local norms and avoid wearing clothes that can grab some extra attention. Also, walking with confidence says a lot about your personality. If you look confident, people will never try to dupe you.

4) Your phone and travel apps

Travelling solo requires many safety tips including keeping some basic travel apps handy. Apps like Google Maps, Flashlight, Compass, Weather, Find your phone, Adotrip, etc can help you navigate through the places without referring to the locals. This indeed can save you from con men who have an eye on travellers that could be their easy targets. Also, keep your phone fully charged as you step out for an excursion. Do keep a power bank for any battery-related issues. Remember these travel gadgets and apps are a boon, specifically for solo travellers.  

5) Pack light

The most important solo travel safety tip is to pack light because you would be solely responsible to carry the luggage all by yourself. Travelling light is always the easiest as a traveller has less worry about taking care of belongings. As it is said,if you wish to travel far and fast, always travel light. Pack only essentials in a suitcase or a backpack. Keep a fanny pack around the waist in which you can keep secure your phone, passport and cash or cards. Travel light, Stay Happy!

6) Don’t be flashy

Travelling solo requires a lot of simplicity. One needs to be mindful about flaunting about self. Avoid carrying expensive things that would burn a hole in the pocket, if lost. Don’t wear jewellery or flashy clothes or carrying accessories that can attract attention. Flashy and well-decked solo travellers can be soft targets for pick-pocketers and thieves who seem oblivious in-crowd. They may not steal your jewellery but would try their luck on breaking your wallet or bag.

7) Stay friendly and always sober 

A solo traveller needs to understand the essence of travelling. It does not necessarily lie in drinking or drugging and losing self-control. Even if you make the best of friends at your sojourn, you never know how they might turn out to be the next morning. Stay friendly with locals but do not indulge in partying around with strangers. Spiking drinks is a very common fall-out for people who are travelling alone. Being aware is pivotal for a solo traveller. 

8) Manage your cards and cash

One needs to be extra careful with cash and cards when travelling solo. Be mindful about currency charges and avoid seeking help from the strangers. Eat, shop and spend with cards at places where a surcharge is not there otherwise you would end up paying hefty bills. Always carry change and be alert with the cash and cards. 

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Author Bio

Stella Wilson is an avid travel blogger currently working with Adotrip. She loves to write first-hand accounts of her travels. Apart from writing, her hobbies include reading and travelling. She has travelled extensively in India and her favorite travel destinations are Jaipur, Goa and Manali.