Okay, so you’ve bought the ring from Gema & Co and now you’re looking for the perfect spot to bring it out in and officially pop the question. Here’s a list of five places you can look to for some inspiration:

Lake District, Cumbria

Fancy starting the next chapter in your relationship on the best note possible with what is arguably one of Great Britain’s most beautiful places? Awe-striking sunsets and log cabins nestled in some beautiful forests sounds romantic enough, doesn’t it? A great place to pop the question!

The London Eye, London

Well if you’re going to do a cliché then make it really count. Besides, a birds-eye view of the London cityscape isn’t popular among people who want to propose for nothing. If you’ve been once or twice, going just one more time will make for the perfect cover for the big moment.

The Fountain of Love, Berkshire

The rather aptly named Fountain of love is a lover’s adventure regardless of the fact that you plan to pop the question. Take a cruise down the River Thames and when you arrive, take full advantage of the moment to whip out that diamond in your pocket!

Llandwyn Island, Wales

Llandwyn Island is worth the cost if you plan on capturing a truly magical atmosphere and setting around the big moment when you decide to pop the question. You can really butter her up with a long walk along the coast and perhaps enjoy a starlit dinner before going down on one knee.

Hele Bay, Devon

Okay, so Hele Bay in Devon will perhaps be something akin to a dead giveaway as to the plans you have, but it’s worth the trip nevertheless for the perfect proposal. Beach Cove Coastal retreat is particularly popular amongst lovers who want to make it official, so there’ll be lots of little ‘enablers’ to make sure the big moment is magical.

No matter where you go to pop the big question, it’s worth investing in an engagement photographer to immortalise this special moment. For example, you will find expert engagement photographers in London and all over the UK on Bidvine.com. The way Bidvine works is that you answer a few short questions, they send out your request to registered engagement photographers and you will receive up to 5 bids back from available professionals in your area. You can then select the best one based on their portfolio, profile, ratings, and bid. Easy!

The rest is up to you though to ensure the little events leading up to the ‘main event’ don’t reek of a setup, although it is indeed a setup of sorts. Perhaps arranging with the photographers to be at the venue ahead of your arrival will do to have them appear to be going about their own business of capturing the surroundings.

Just to be super safe, you might perhaps also want to buy a little ‘decoy’ gift like a necklace or something to be presented prior to arriving at the scene of the crime, just so any thoughts that this may indeed be a setup are duly put to bed. Good Luck!