So, you’ve been sucked in by the world-renowned reputation of the UK, and you’re gnawing at the bit to book your first trip to the UK. Are you excited? 


Well, you should be, but you should also consider the fact that the UK is a very large place, and it’s not just Britain. Scotland, Wales, parts of Ireland, and even the Archipelago (The Isles of Sicily) are part of the UK. 


So, what part of the UK should you be planning your trip around? The average vacation period isn’t long enough to explore them all. 


Today, we’ll highlight the three top spots for you to focus on. While you probably won’t see all three in one trip, each one is sure to provide a stellar experience. 


1: Devon


The region around Devon is one that’s all about variety. One minute, you can be enjoying a quiet meal at a gastro pub somewhere along the white cliffs of Lyme, and the next, you can be heading back to your holiday park resort to enjoy a waterpark or horseback riding. As the day comes to a close, maybe you’ll go for a relaxing countryside ride to gaze at the various castles dotting the hill lines. 


When you go to Devon, the tone of your journey can change in an instant. You’re certainly not locked into one type of vacation experience. 


However, keep in mind that things are a bit more spread out across the area, and you might need to drive a bit more to get the full experience. 


2: Bristol


Bristol is a smaller city with a calmer atmosphere than somewhere like London. It was built as a small harbor town, and over time, it exploded into a cultural and economic hotspot. 


Today, Bristol’s main attractions are its historic dockside shops and pubs at the harbor, the entertainment venues and shops lining its commercial district, and its blend of architecture and nature in the form of the Clifton Suspension Bridge and Cabott Tower. 


Another big reason to visit is the accommodation in Bristol. While there are hotels in the area, the luxury serviced apartments are the go-to options for families and couples traveling abroad, and they provide full at-home luxury experiences instead of cramped living quarters. 


3: London


Finally, we have the big one that everyone wants to visit. London is at the heart of the UK, and it’s easily the most iconic part of the region. 


While Devon offers a lot of variety and spread-out experiences, and Bristol combines the big city vibe with a quieter overall atmosphere, London is the embodiment of big city Britain. After all, it’s a cultural epicenter, home to the royal family, and filled to the brim with things to do; all accessible on foot or by cab. 


Of course, all of that comes at a price. While you can visit Big Ben, wave at the Queen, and visit world-renowned restaurants, you will definitely pay for it. It’s the most expensive place on this list to stay.