Whether you are travelling via plane, train, car or boat via a Smart Charter Ibiza, you need to ensure that you have the right prescription and your medicines are well packed. To many, summer is the perfect moment for vacation which means now is a good time to travel. Being on medication should not stop you from travelling and visiting the places and countries that you desire most. You only need to take a few tips on how to do it perfectly without any interference from your health concerns.

Let’s have a look at what you need to do;

1] Pre-departure Checklist

Before leaving, ensure that you pay a visit to the doctor to refill any empty prescriptions. This will ensure that you will have the medication needed for the time you will be travelling. It is also crucial to request a note with the details of the required medicine containing both generic and the trade names. Understand how you will adapt to your medication across different borders. Your doctor will also be able to discuss any other actions you should take when travelling.

Another tip is to check that your medication is legal in the country you are travelling to. This will allow you to visit a pharmacy or easily order your prescription online.

2] Pack Your Medications in Your Carry-on

You cannot tell where your checked baggage will end up, or if it will land on time. Sometimes luggage can be delayed or even misplaced. When requiring ongoing medication, this is a headache you can do without. Missing your prescription for a prolonged period of time could serve up complications with your health. It is therefore crucial you pack your medication in your carry-on luggage and ensure that all the caps get tightly fastened.

It is also recommendable to retain the original package just in case any of the drugs get questioned.

3] Carrying the Written Prescription

Even if you have the medicines with you, make sure that you carry the copy of your prescription. It will enable you to visit a pharmacy and replace your medication should it get lost or is stolen.

It is also good to be aware that some countries will not accept your foreign prescription but you might get an over-the-counter version.

If the medications need to be kept in the fridge, then you should carry small coolers for the storage of your medicines. If you have diabetes, ensure to take the syringes for your insulin.

4] Storage of the Medicine

When you are packing, ensure that you pack your medicines in a cool and dry place, away from sunlight. If they require being kept cool, carry small coolers in your carry-on back. However, if you plan to take a long vacation, it would be best to carry just enough medicine to cover your travel and purchase those medicines that need to be stored cool at the local pharmacy in your destination. It is common to store such medicines in pharmacy fridges, so you will not have to worry about it. Be sure to check whether your prescribed medicines or their equivalents are available in the place you are traveling to. And as always, never mix different medicines in the same container.

When you are travelling, whether, for a vacation or formal requirement, you should get comfortable with carrying your medicines. Follow the tips mentioned above to ensure that you don’t encounter difficulties.

Also keep a note of contacts that may be needed should there be an emergency. Including your doctor’s number would be a good start. This means he cn be contacted should any issues arise.

Following the tips above should help make your holiday go smoothly and prepare you as best as possible should any complications arise.