Planning a trip to the US with the kids and family? Sure it is a great way to bond and truly enjoy something outside of the UK and away from home for a few weeks, but there are also some things to keep in mind when planning your trip. Before you pack up and jump on a plane, consider some of these variables to consider, to ensure a smooth flight and trip when visiting the US.

Passports and Visas

Make sure all passports and visas are up to date. Make sure you can stay for the duration you want to stay, can visit all areas in the US, and that all paperwork you need to bring, is in your luggage before you leave the home. Prepare in advance so as to ensure everything is up to date, and so you can renew any passport or visa in the event they have expired since your last international trip.

Know the Regions

With so much turmoil in the world today, it is important to know which areas are safe. Although the US isn’t as dangerous as some other remote regions in the world, it is still important to know where to go, where to avoid, and which areas are safest and most welcoming to those who are not from the local area.

Know What You Want to Do

If you want to visit theme parks, Florida might be the destination of choice to visit Mickey Mouse in Disney. If you want to enjoy sports, the Midwest might be the destination of choice. Make sure you know what each state has to offer, what scenic sites you want to visit, and which destinations you want to enjoy with the family. This will allow you to properly plan out your itinerary, and how long you are going to remain in each of the places you would like to visit when in the US.

Account for Finances

Make sure you travel when the Euro is more powerful than the USD (know exchange rates). So you can spend more, without having to give up more, and so you can have the best time possible without having to worry about finances when you are travelling, you have to know how strong the dollar is to the region you are visiting. Knowing how much to budget, and what you can get when converting money, are some things one has to consider, especially if you are visiting with family or many travellers and do not want to have to worry about financial issues when you are travelling.

Storing your Belongings

When you are going away for a long period of time and no one will be in your house. Do you want to leave all your valuables for such a long time? You could ask some of your relatives to look after some of your things to ensure they are safe for your return. You could even ask a family member to house sit while you are away. Another thing you could do is to put your belongings in a storage locker. You could always hire a storage container for the time you are away. All good storage units will have good CCTV to make sure that your things are safe while you relax and enjoy your trip.

Whether going with the spouse or taking the entire family on a vacation to the US, there are a few great places you are sure to enjoy when visiting the US with the family. In order to ensure you do make the most out of the trip, that everyone is going to enjoy the states, and that your travels are stress free and as fun as possible, these are a few variables to consider as you are planning for the trip.