The Best Type of Accommodation for Backpackers

The desire to travel is in itself a special property which is seemingly only carried by a few people in the world, but backpackers make for a special type of traveller. As a backpacker, the aim is to travel as light as possible so that you can cover as much mileage as possible and see as much as you can. Naturally though, some other aspects of what it means to enjoy being a traveller take a bit of a back seat. You may have to compromise on many other things that ordinarily come with travelling, with luxuries such as five-star hotels otherwise taking up too much of the money you’d rather use to see and experience more destinations. That doesn’t mean backpackers have to indefinitely resign to sleeping with one eye open in dodgy one- and two start joints however. But what is the best type of accommodation for backpacker then, all things considered?

Luxury is Not Out of reach

A big part of what makes backpacking fun is that ever-lingering element of adventure and mystery. This is mainly why backpackers never really plan their travels too far ahead by way of finalising arrangements such as their accommodation. This doesn’t always have to work out negatively however because as much as it means you inevitably have to take what you can get (what’s available at that precise moment when you need a roof over your head), what you can get sometimes beats any five-star hotel which you’d otherwise only have access to if you booked well in advance.

While the mind of a backpacker is usually very sharp, especially when you’re in full travelling mode, some not-so-usual accommodation options could pass you by if you’re not adequately informed. Granted, the challenge is indeed that these options aren’t all too widely known about and these are none other than celebrity residences. It’s almost as if it’s some kind of secret shared between the most seasoned of backpackers as there isn’t really some extensively marketed online platform which openly solicits guests to come and stay at those residences currently and formerly called home by celebrities.

It’s only a good thing though, isn’t it? Because if everybody knew about it, then it wouldn’t be so exclusive and what is perhaps the ardent backpacker’s remaining hope of lodging in a bit of luxury would no longer really be available.

As is the case with pretty much all other travel arrangements made by the backpacker, a little bit of creativity has to be thrown into the mix in order to make your celebrity-residence lodging a reality. Fortunately though you don’t have to look too far. You’ll have to look no further than the likes of Schofields, a holiday home insurer which would naturally have some celebrities as part of their long list of clients who need some insurance coverage while their homes are vacant. Ordinarily the coverage is for clients who need special insurance while they’re away on holiday or perhaps on business, but with celebrities that would probably have more than one property, some of their residences remain vacant for very long periods of time. You might as well be the one to occupy those vacant celebrity homes, which are more affordable than you think, especially if you chip in with other backpackers and perhaps rent out the whole residence for some time. Click here to learn all the details.