Travellers have a lot to think about when they’re preparing to head off around the world. They need to get the right Visas, any vaccinations, book flights and hostels and work out exactly what they can bring with them in their backpacks.

It’s worth considering your footwear carefully too though; shoes can take up a lot of room, and the wrong pair can make you feel really uncomfortable – especially when you can spend days on end walking on the same pair. Here’s a selection of some recommended footwear for a traveller:


Sandals are a certified must-have for travellers. Perfect for both women and men, they can work with many outfits, and are perfect for wandering round, taking in the sights. Their greatest advantage is that they keep your feet cooler in warmer climates, which overall increases your comfort. Brantano has an array of women’s and men’s sandals that look great, and are affordable too. Plus, they don’t take up much room in the backpack. They are an absolute must.

Flip Flops

Find room in your bag for some lightweight flip flops. They will be the obvious choice for a wander down the beach, or a day by the pool. They’re also brilliant if you’re in communal showers in a hostel, for protecting your feet.

Flight Socks

If you’re travelling, you will very likely be flying, even if it’s just to your initial destination. With this in mind, one of the greatest footwear investments you could make is travel socks. Spending a long time on planes can lead to swollen feet and poor circulation, which travel socks greatly reduce. They also add an extra layer of warmth, when planes tend to be chilly.

Walking Boots

If you can find room, and you intend on taking a hike on your travels, make sure to pack some walking or hiking boots. Many popular travel destinations have walks, climbs, treks and trails that are popular with travellers, and you don’t want to miss out just because you don’t have the right footwear. If you don’t have room for walking boots, you’ll have to stick with…


They’re classic, comfortable and essential. They’re bulky in terms of space though, so it’s advised that you wear them rather than carrying them, especially when you first set off. They’re the perfect middle ground if you need an every-day shoe for travelling in – and if you get the right pair, you should be blister free for the whole trip!