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It’s not easy blogging about all corners of the world. I’ve been to my fair share of places and I’m working my way through guides to each and every country and city that I’ve visited, but these things take time!

That’s where you come in. I’m looking for guest bloggers to contribute to Hollow Earth, providing great content for all the people who visit my site regularly. Everyone has experiences to share and I’d love to hear them and share them with my followers. Maybe you’ve got tips for a destination I haven’t covered, or you’ve got the perfect travel accessory that you just have to share with the world. Whatever it is you want to talk about it HAS to be inline with other content I post, so anything travel, holiday, destination etc themed. I’m fairly open-minded, but remember, people visit Hollow Earth for a reason and your content needs to reflect their needs for when they visit.

Any post you submit must be 500+ words in length with excellent grammar and an interesting flair. Make it original, make it creative and make it good. It would also be helpful if you have original or royalty free photographs, but these aren’t compulsory – just helpful!

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Leave me a message using the form below and we can talk more about your ideas and your suitability for a featured post on Hollow Earth.

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