When we are traveling or need to use the services in a hotel, the major thing that comes to our mind is accommodation. Sometimes, it is easy to get so carried away that we do not know that there are other services that we could enjoy in the hotel. In other cases, we are only aware of a few other services but we tend to forget or do not know about others. This article will discuss other services that the best hotels in Asia can offer you beyond lodging.

Laundry services
Depending on how long you are staying in a hotel, over time your clothes could get dirty. You do not need to take long trips looking for a laundry service within the city except if you feel the cost of laundry in the hotel is too high and you could get cheaper prices within the city. You could easily place a call to the receptionist or the laundry department and they would send someone to pick up your clothes for laundry. Hotels usually have a separate laundry section with a separate commercial washing machine for guests and others for hotel laundry. You can rest assured that their services can serve your needs. Typically, your laundry could be ready within 12 to 24 hours or earlier.

Restaurant services
Feeding is another activity that you would require regularly when you are lodging in a hotel. You might be interested in taking breakfast, lunch, and dinner through the duration of your stay in the hotel. Except you deliberately want to eat out, the hotel would have a restaurant where you can eat. You would have the option of going to the restaurant and order for food or calling from your room for room service. Some hotels provide free breakfast or give a discount when you order to take breakfast within their premises.

Swimming pool
In some cases, you just want to relax. However, it is easy to forget that one of the best ways to relax is by a swimming pool or in a swimming pool. We could even wish to swim but we have forgotten that there would be a swimming pool within the hotel premises. Some hotels allow people lodging in their hotel to access the swimming pool for free while other hotels could request for an extra token before using the swimming pool. If the terms and conditions sooth you, you could enjoy the swimming pool within the facility.

Wireless Internet connectivity
A lot of hotels have wireless internet connectivity that allows you to browse for free. In some hotels, you could just connect your device and start browsing while others might require you to get login details from the reception.

Venue for events and meetings
Hotels often have venues for events and meetings that you can take advantage of. Thus, instead of looking for halls across town that might require you bringing in chairs or might not meet the taste for the events, you could check the hotel around to see their hall and their terms.Sports facility
Some hotels have a sports facility that you could also take advantage of. This could include a basketball court and tennis courts among others.