Palm Springs is California’s playground for the rich and famous. Tourists can unwind in one of the

more luxurious Palm Springs vacation rentals, play a round of golf or spend the day in the spa. You

can also head out into the desert, go hiking and ride the aerial tramway for some fantastic views.

But, having a perfect trip depends on a range of factors. Here’s how to make sure you have a dream

trip to Palm Springs.

What Time of the Year Do You Want to Visit?

The climate in Palm Springs ranges from sweltering summers with temperatures hovering around

42°C to mild winters. Depending on what you want to do on your trip, the time of the year plays an

essential role. If you plan to spend more time outdoors enjoying the natural beauty or playing golf,

summer isn’t an ideal time to visit. When the temperatures are so high, dehydration and heat stroke

are genuine threats. But, if you’re here for relaxation inside the air-conditioned resort and spa, the

summer heat doesn’t play such a critical role in your comfort. After all, it’s quite easy to run from

one cool room to the next.


Most tourists travel to Palm Springs in either the spring or fall when temperatures are more

comfortable. This is the best time for outdoor activities. But at the same time, this corresponds to

peak season and higher numbers of tourists. Winter, on the other hand, sees mild temperatures and

even snow on some of the mountains. If you ride the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway in January, you

may see snow on the floor.

The Best Places to See

The biggest must-see attraction is the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway taking tourists from the

Coachella Valley to the top of the mountain. The gondola opened in 1963 and has been the most

popular attraction in the resort ever since. When you reach the top, the air is much cooler than at

ground level giving respite from oppressive summer heat. Remember to bring your camera as you

rise up the mountains. If you have the time, visit during both the day and night for a different



One of the other highlights is the Living Desert Zoo and Gardens. A variety of North American and

African animals live inside the zoo including giraffes, tortoises and African wild dogs. There are more

than 1000 different species of endemic and exotic plants inside the vast complex too. If you’re

travelling on a family vacation, this is a perfect place to visit.


Nature lovers should take a day trip from Palm Springs to Joshua Tree National Park in the desert.

The national park takes 45 minutes to reach with the unusual Joshua trees and unique rock

formations. You can hike along one of the many trails and have a picnic, which are the favourite

spring and fall activities.

Palm Springs Travel Tips

The biggest tip is to make sure you have your own set of wheels. This isn’t such a problem if you

drive to Palm Springs. But those who are flying into the city should consider renting a car for a few

days. Many of the must-see attractions are quite far from downtown and having a car is the only way

to get there without relying on taxis. Or, if you’re planning to hang around the city, why not get a

bicycle and go sightseeing from the saddle instead?


Make sure you sample and enjoy the wide selection of food in the Palm Springs’s restaurants.

World-class chefs cook up all types of cuisines to satisfy anyone’s palate. Many focus on healthy

eating. Most of the restaurants are in downtown areas and easily accessible from most hotels and

vacation rentals. Search online before you visit to find the best place for you.


Palm Springs is a laid-back vacation destination, and most people walk around in their t-shirt and

shorts. A casual dress code is more the rule than the exception. People don’t really need to dress up

in elegant dresses or waistcoats. Instead, it’s acceptable to turn up to most restaurants in

comfortable attire. Some high-end places in the city do have a dress code, and it may be worth

double checking whenever you make a reservation. You don’t want to turn up in shorts when

everyone dresses their best, and likewise, you’ll feel awkward donning your suit when everyone else


How to Get the Best Value for Money

The easiest way to get good value for money is to put more time and effort into planning your

vacation. If you spend time searching around, you’re more likely to find discounts, early bird offers

and special promotions. This may be at the resorts, golf clubs or attractions. You should also check

websites such as Groupon to see if they have anything that suits your interests in Palm Springs. If you

have a rough idea of what you want to do and see on your trip, it can help you plan the best time to

rent a car. You don’t want to pay for parking and daily rates when you’re not going to use it.

Having the Perfect Vacation in Palm Springs


You now have the ingredients for a dream trip to Palm Springs. It’s time to put everything into

practice. Choose the time of year to visit carefully, enjoy the wide variety of restaurants and put a bit

of time into planning to get the best value for money. And if you follow the points mentioned in this article, you’re almost guaranteed to have a dream trip.