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Looking for the Best Pubs in Bristol? We Have You Covered

Bristol offers everything from history and culture to adrenaline-pumping activities, and it’s also home to a wide range of pubs. In fact, there’s so many great options you might have trouble choosing between them – that’s why we’ve put together this quick look at some...

Krabi Island Tourist Gems

Any traveller who’s been south of the Kingdom of the Thai over the last year and to enjoy a bit of island time off the mainland will rightfully tell a story of how many tourists seem to be missing out on the allure of the less-crowded destinations within Thailand....

Where to enjoy Oktoberfest in the UK this autumn

Oktoberfest was born to honour the marriage of Prince Ludwig and Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen way back in 1810. This awesome wedding party ended as a house party! In the more than 200 years that this German festival has been running, it’s been cancelled a mere 24...

4 of the most affordable city and beach breaks

When we are trying to decide on the location of our holidays the first hurdle many of us get to is deciding on the type of location to visit. Do we go with a short and sweet city break?  Or do we go for a chilled out week in a beach retreat?  The answer will...

Why Canada is a Hidden Gem of a Destination

While a country as vast in landmass as Canada would be difficult to refer to as any kind of hidden place, on the collective travellers' radar it appears to be hidden in plain view. Many travellers seem to overlook it for some reason and I strongly suspect that it's...

6 Smart Packing Tips For Travelers

More people than not are guilty of overpacking when they travel.  The problem with this is that it can lead to extra baggage fees, unnecessary stress, and ultimately a sore back. While you could always avoid this by flying privately through a company like

5 Fantastic Bristol Water Tours to Enjoy this Summer

Bristol sits right on the beautiful River Avon, and that stretch of water is a fantastic summer venue for cruises. Whether you want a quick look at the city or want to fit it in to a weekend stay, there are plenty of boat tours to fit your requirements. Here are just...

Who am I?

Hi guys! I'm Tim! I'm a bit of a cling-on. I went traveling through my mid to late twenties and I can't quite let go. I travelled all around the world on two different occasions. This blog really is just about my times abroad and the memories I've got and I welcome others to contribute to the blog and share their memories and experiences from their travels too. I look forward to getting to know you and hope you enjoy my blog!

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