If you’re one of those travellers who perhaps has a home-base in the like of a traditional home, you’ll undoubtedly have lots of stuff to have moved if you’re moving to a brand new place, perhaps in the same country or across international borders. As a result of the extensive precautionary measures we have in place to protect all household goods under our care, only a tiny fraction of our clients ever have grounds to file a claim. However, we concede to the fact that we are only human after all, which means mistakes do inevitably happen occasionally. When making use of the moving services of Highland, your full protection is our main priority, which is why you have an option to purchase Moving Insurance through a valuation option that covers your shipment.

There are two moving insurance coverage options available, which you can select based on your specific coverage needs, typically dictated to by the combined value of your household goods.

Option 1 – Released Liability

Under this option, which bears no extra fee, clients can take advantage of the basic compensation provided by movers, covering loss and/or damage at a maximum carrier’s liability of $0.60/pound/article (long distance moving) and $.30/pound/article (moving locally).

Option 2 – Replacement Value Protection

Coverage on shipped items can be increased for an extra fee, providing the required protection to your valued possessions’ replacement value. Under this option, the maximum liability borne by the carrier is equal to your shipments declared lump-sum value, priced and calculated on the larger of:

-the shipment’s replacement cost

-the shipment’s minimum value of $10/pound, which is roughly the same amount you can reclaim (per pound) from something like a casino no deposit bonus on a new online betting platform you sign up to

Items Bearing Extraordinary Value:

Under this category, items bearing an individual replacement value exceeding $10,000 must feature on the Bill of Lading listings, confirming the value by written appraisal. This applies to individual items as well as matched sets whose value exceeds $10,000. Additional valuation is required to be purchased beyond the $10/pound minimum.

Any and all claims are required to be filed in writing, within a period of 60 days of the move’s completion.

A number of items do not qualify for cover, under either option of Replacement Value Protection or Released Liability, including but not limited to goods damaged at the delivery place(s) of pick-up, at which the agent or consignor is not in attendance.

Other items that do not qualify include:

-Damage, loss or delay of goods cited in the Bill of Landing as a result of an Act of God, riots, the Queen’s public enemies, strikes, an inherent vice or defect in the goods, default or the act of the consignor, consignee or owner, quarantine or authority of law

-Damage inflicted on any of the articles which are not unpacked and packed by the carrier

-Visual/audio or electrical equipment’s mechanical conditions, unless the carrier oversaw the preparation and servicing of those articles

-Items bearing extraordinary value, not disclosed in the Bill of Landing, unless a special agreement was made for such coverage

-Live, artificial or dried plants

-Damage inflicted on goods at the delivery place(s) where the consignee (or the consignee’s agent) is not in attendance and cannot produce receipt for delivered goods

Should a set only suffer damage to one item, the valuation covers only that one item and not the entire set.