It’s perhaps true for every new homemaker, that being that decorating your home seems to be an ongoing process, but even more so for travellers. You sort of fall into what emerges as some living room ideas you perhaps didn’t originally plan to do-up your living interiors with, fuelled by your traveller’s spirit and perhaps even physically driven by some of the souvenirs you can’t help but bring back with you as you explore more and more of this earth.

Those cube lamps which illuminate many a Japanese bedroom perhaps looked so good to you that you thought they’d best be put in your living room for instance, or maybe a certain sleeper couch just matches with the living room furniture, so you resolved to put it in the living room as well, although you never use it for sitting or sleeping. However, living room furniture such as television unit stands, or media console units can be quite functional for people who occasionally get showpieces from places they travel, to put on top of such furniture items. Similarly having furniture that can complement such showpieces can be equally vital. Those kinds of travellers can go for furniture enterprises such as Belleze Furniture and others like it that could provide them with their specific living room furniture needs.

It’s okay, really and the one thing which travellers particularly have trouble with is trying to resist the urge to find a way to reflect their travels in the way they decorate their living rooms. For some, the temptation is too great, and deciding to decorate their living room with a beautifully designed and eccentric neon light (find out more here) is something that they must do to get their traveller personality across, and this is something that you shouldn’t be afraid to do. So, don’t stifle it – it’s merely an expression of your traveller’s heart!

The risk involved though is possibly getting stuck with what becomes a cluttered living room, due to a desire to just find a way of making space for every single last one of the souvenirs you might have collected on your travels.

Moreover, if you’ve got a TV in the living room, the many remotes for the whole system can be an added cause of clutter. That problem can always be resolved with the help of universal remotes (which you can find over here), but it’s important not to overload the space with travel souvenirs either!

Some paintings just don’t belong in the living room, for instance, like those two-tone ones featuring some or other food items. In a bid to have your living room serve as a window into your rich world of travelling, one just needs to keep in mind that it is after all still a living room.

I found myself struggling with the placement of a particularly special surfboard which was given to me as gift on an overseas trip, but I just knew it had to go in the living room. After removing it and temporarily placing it in the storeroom until I could figure out a way for it to make a permanent comeback to the living room, I finally figured out a solution that has turned out to work really well. I simply bought two more surfboards, which were similarly styled but were a little lighter in their colours, and then I mounted all three high up on the wall.

They look really good, even if I must say so myself, but that’s what it takes to do up your living room to reflect your traveller’s spirit, without having it look like you’ve become a hoarder – a little bit of patience and a whole lot of perspective!