It’s plain and simple. Booking a luxury accommodation is clearly more enjoyable than staying in a tiny hotel. However, there’s a decent price difference between the two, and this might make you think twice about shelling out for luxury accommodation on your next trip.

Before you go the frugal route, let’s determine if you’re getting your money’s worth, or if luxury accommodation is worth the bigger price tag.

Price Difference

Before we start comparing what each option offers, let’s go over the price differences. For a luxury hotel, you can pay around 120-150 Euros per night. Luxury accommodation, or a serviced apartment, in other words, starts at about 160 Euros in comparison. If you go with top-tier options, you can easily pay up to 260 Euros per night with luxury accommodation.

That’s a difference of about 10 to 100 Euros per night depending on what kind of deal you get and where you stay. Does luxury accommodation warrant that price difference? Let’s find out what you get for the extra price.

More Room

A standard hotel room, even at the most high-cost hotels, gives you one main room that combines your bedroom, kitchen, and living area. Then, you usually get a small bathroom.

With luxury accommodations like a five-star hotel or resort (for example, Scottsdale Resort Hotel), you get a full pent suite that has separate rooms. This includes private bedrooms with enough space for the whole family. The added space alone is worth the price difference on the lower end of the spectrum. Wouldn’t you rather spend an extra 20-30 Euros per night for all your guests to have their own room?

Like-Home Appliances

Even at luxury hotels, you’re not going to get an oven or stove to whip up dinner with. Unless you eat out or pay for the hotel’s expensive room service, you’ll be relying on a microwave.

Luxury accommodation, whether it’s on the lower or higher end of the price range, is just like home. These fully furnished abodes give you a full kitchen with all of your standard appliances. This means you can skip the takeout and save money with home-cooked meals.

During longer stays, this simple fact easily pays for the cost difference due to you being able to buy, store, and cook groceries; rather than spending several times as much on fancy restaurants every time you eat.

Peace of Mind and True Comfort

Traveling abroad, regardless of reason, is stressful. When you finish whatever journey you experience during the day, you deserve to return to a comfortable place that feels like home. Hotels can’t provide that.

Hotels are massive structures with hundreds of rooms and even more people constantly walking the halls. You can hear everything the people are doing beside, on top, and below your room. Even worse, the furnishings are usually old, worn out, and cramped. That’s not a place that’s suitable for relaxing after a long day.

Luxury accommodation fixes that. Instead of a giant complex with tons of rooms, most are smaller setups with just a few apartments. No large groups are stomping through the halls or waking you up in the middle of the night.

You also get proper furniture. Your living area will have lavish forms of the same stuff you use at home, your bedroom will be properly outfitted, and everything else will be set up for relaxation and comfort.

Luxury Accommodation is Worth it

Yes, luxury accommodation is more expensive. For the lowest priced serviced apartment, you’ll probably pay about 10 Euros more than a luxury hotel. On the high end, you’ll pay around 100 extra Euros per night.

However, some of the features help you offset those costs and save money overall, and the entire experience is an upgrade over hotels.