Getting the right student accommodation can be challenging, and that challenge may have gotten even bigger since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic. Many are now torn between looking for a local uni and living at home or venturing further afield and analysing their accommodation options from there.

When picking student accommodation there are a few key areas to look at, and they can often be tell-tale signs as to whether the accommodation is up to scratch or not. Here we give you some insight into these areas and how they can help you pick the best student accommodation possible.

  • Keep an eye out for damp and water damage

Damp and water damage can often be symptoms of other issues with the student accommodation. If you spot any, make sure you enquire about it with the landlord and the issues that it could pose in the future. This is of course only a major issue of you are going to be in the student accommodation for a long period. The landlord should look at contacting a company that offers Water Damage Restoration Oklahoma City services, for example, to survey the property and check for any other damage. Water damage can be dangerous, so it’s important that landlords do something about it.

  • Look for signs of pests

Pests might hide is nooks and crannies, but the signs of them are obvious if you know what to look for. Woodworms leave tiny holes in exposed woodwork, whilst fabric moths leave bare patches in carpets and curtains. Wasps scratch marks into wood and leave brick dust on the ground, whilst flea dirt is an obvious sign of fleas. If you see any of these signs, ensure that the pests are fully dealt with by new jersey exterminators or similar services in your area before you sign any contracts. The last thing you want is to move in and find you’re covered in bites after your first night.

  • Check the water pressure before making a purchase

Water pressure can make a big impact on your overall quality of life when staying in student accommodation. It can affect the water flow in the kitchen and bathroom. This is why we recommend testing the showers before you put down a deposit.

This is usually more of an issue in un-serviced apartments, however, if you do make a purchase and experience issues like this or number one, get in touch with your landlord as they may be able to sort it out.

  • Check all appliances are in working order in the kitchen

Appliances are very important and can be good indicators of the overall quality of the apartment. If you are not planning on doing a huge amount of cooking at university, this isn’t as important. However, preparing even a few meals is a great way of saving money within your student accommodation.

  • If you are in serviced accommodation, check the amenities

Students are increasingly looking at serviced accommodation as a way of bridging the gap between home and the adult life. These rental options usually take care of cleaning (and in some cases cooking) which can free up a lot of your time to focus on studies at university. If you are considering this option, make sure you look at the types of amenities on offer. Some will offer pools, gyms and even saunas. All these can be great for adding extra to your uni experience.

Am I better off staying at home for my studies?

More students are deciding to stay at home while they study to save money and for peace of mind. This is a good option however it is also simply not an option for many embarking on their studies. There are also several benefits of living in student accommodation; options like catered apartments offer a good bridge between living at home and fully moving out.