Once you get a taste of the live action while watching your favourite sports team, it’s like you’ve opened up a can of worms. Seeing the action live becomes your only desire, but it can get very expensive following your favourite sports team around.

Here are some strategies you can use to try and make it a little more affordable and sometimes even totally free!

Packaged fan offers

In the same way that offers such as season tickets work out cheaper for any fan to see their sports heroes live more frequently, teams often have packaged offers for their supporters. Generally these packaged offers will work out cheaper, such as landing a spot on the flight which the team will be taking to their next away-match and then perhaps also staying in the same hotel or in a hotel which is situated within the vicinity of the game.

Free transportation to and from the venue often forms part of such deals and sometimes even food is covered. Obviously you’ll have to use your discretion to ascertain whether or not this does indeed work out cheaper than going for non-packaged offers, which leads me to the next point of discussion, researching alternative offers.

Research other offers

You have to be smart about the manner in which you go about your research of other offers, such as perhaps deconstructing the packaged offers and comparing these prices for individual bookings for transport, accommodation, food, match-day tickets, etc with those of the packaged offers. If it works out cheaper to book each element of your trip to the live action venue individually as opposed to going for the packaged offer, then that’s perhaps the path to take.

Sponsors’ competitions

The competitions operated by those companies which sponsor sports teams and sporting events often make for a great opportunity for the avid sports fan to win tickets, and prizes which are inclusive of accommodation and the likes of V.I.P seat tickets, as well as offering any other opportunity to get to see your favourite sports stars up-close-and-personal.

What a lot of sports sponsors also do is operate businesses which themselves have a lot to do with sports. If you considered the prominent sports sponsor, William Hill for example, their sports betting offers fit in perfectly with their sponsorship of sporting teams, tournaments and competitions, which would make them a great source from which to possibly win prizes such as tickets to see your favourite team. If they’re not running any such competitions, you could always place your bets to see if you can’t perhaps win some money outright, then you’ll have that extra money needed to go on tour with your team.

Catch the action on the telly or online

If all else fails, the next best thing is to catch the action live online or on television, but make it more interesting by perhaps visiting a fan park, preferably one which is set up close to the venue where the live action is taking place, just so that you can meet other eager sports fans and enjoy the action better.