Vacation is something every family member should experience very often to rejuvenate and keep the mental health of members intact. But given the fantasies and expenses that go into planning a holiday trip these days, it is almost like going on a vacation is a rich man’s thing. Expensive and luxury hotels, coupled with the often-expensive airfares, have made people forget about having fun with their family members somewhere outside their homes.

But a family vacation does not have to consume lifelong savings. It’s all about knowing how to plan budget family breaks to give the same result, if not better, than the expensive ones. Some of the tips shared below can be of great help if you don’t have much money but still wish to enjoy a pleasant time with your family.

1.      Choose Economical Destinations

Since you don’t intend to spend much money on your travel, your first assignment would be to identify affordable places. This means that you will avoid cosmopolitan cities and expensive countries that can eat up your savings. Choose countrysides and destinations with low cost of living. In most cases, low cost of living does not mean a low standard of living.

2.      Begin Your Travelling Preps Early

Travelling through any of the means of transportation is financially demanding. However, in many situations, you can avoid paying a higher fee by booking early. This is particularly applicable to airlines. If you wait till a few days to your departure time before paying or booking, you may end up paying more. Alternatively, you could opt for road trips wherein you could hire a camper van. There are various websites, such as ( in Iceland, that allow you to book now and pay later, so you don’t have to worry about losing money if you don’t make it to your destination.

3.      Consider Staying With a Friend

Hotel reservation is one of the expenses that make a family vacation expensive. If you have a friend or family member residing in your preferred location, you can save a lot of money by staying with them. In that case, it means you would have told such a family some months earlier so they can make adequate preparations for you.

However, if you don’t know anybody in your preferred holiday destination, you can spend some time researching the cheapest hotels in such area. By reading online reviews, you can understand what to expect from such hotels and how to navigate your way through.

4.      Travel in Season

There is a wrong time to travel if you don’t want to spend much. The cold chilly winter will require extra protective items than the warm temperate summer. But then, even the cold winter can ensure an affordable family skiing that will achieve the same result as when you visit the Manhattan and Londons of this world. So, the critical point here is for you to tailor your holiday after the prevailing season for maximum enjoyment with little pay.


There is hardly any free holiday travels anywhere unless someone is sponsoring it. Going outside your shelter will cost you some money. What we have done in this piece is just to point your attention to how you can avoid spending much when you decide to take your family members out. We hope it works for you!