Even if you have never visited Greece before, you can imagine white houses nestled along the shoreline and hills, beautiful sunsets in Crete, scrumptious grilled kebabs to die for and the breath-taking ancient ruins of Acropolis. These are some of the reasons why Greece is one of the most sought after tourist destinations. It’s rich history, ancient culture and friendly people make Greece an ideal vacation destination.

Avid tourists believe that for a luxurious vacation, you don’t have to spend all the money in your bank, and this is true for Greece. To make your Greek vacation a luxurious break, you need a clear itinerary and accurate calculation of the costs involved.

Here is a breakdown of the factors that can make your Greek vacation a luxurious one, without breaking the bank.

A Clear Tour Plan

Greece is home to ancienthistory, architecture, culture, food and natural beauty. Each city and island has its own kind of charm which keeps you enchanted. However, you do not want to return home after visiting one or two places only.

Prepare a clear tour plan or itinerary before visiting Greece. The following are some tips formaking a good itinerary.

Theme for Your Vacation

Decide a theme for your vacation. If you are visiting with kids, you will want to visit kid-friendly places such as zoos, parks and recreational places. When visiting with your significant other, you will want to visit romantic places such as islands and beaches. You can easily find luxury villas on all of the major islands. Crete Villas are the epitome of modern architecture and luxurious facilities. These luxury villas in Crete are divided into facility-based categories. All villas have indoor and outdoor pools. Mist beachfront villas have large pools overlooking the beautiful beaches in Crete. These beautiful villas are perfect to stay in with your family and friends.

If you are planning an educational vacation, then ideal places to visit include ancient ruins and archaeological sites. You will find many such places spread all over Greece, but Athens and its surrounding areas are the primary places to visit.

Divide the Days

Reserve at least two weeks in advance if you are planning to visit different islands in Greece, because the only source of transportation to many islands are ferries. Travelling through water is one of a kind experience in Greece. Greece is the land of clear waters and friendly marine life. You can see schools of fish swimming alongside your ferry.

You will need at least 10 days to visit one or two islands as well as important tourist destinations in Greece. Plan your visit carefully as shown below:

Day 01 – Athens: Afternoon in Acropolis, evening in Plaka, dinner at Kalamiotou Food Street

Day 02 – Santorini Cyclades Islands: Breakfast at Amoudi Bay, hiking at Hiking Trail Fira in Oia, evening in Ancient Thera and sightseeing of Santorini’s white houses and sunset, dinner at Skaros Rock

Prepare a Backup Plan

You may want to spend an extra day or two exploring Crete or Mykonos. Many tourists also end up extending their vacation in Greece just to visit Athens again. Prepare a backup plan and keep a little extra money to accommodate any unplannedstops or delays.

Calculate the Costs

Greece is definitely a budget destination with luxurious facilities for couples, families with kids and groups of friends. Travelling within Greece is quite cheap compared to other European countries. Ferries and boats are widely used to reach far flung islands, and cost around 30 euros per ride. If the islands are closely by, such as Mykonos and Dilos, then the ferry or boat will cost you around 10 euros per ride. You can also save money by booking ferries and boats 2 months in advance, or by taking overnight ferries that offer upto 50% discounts.

The rates of buses and trains in Greece are almost similar. For islands further along from the mainland, the ticket can cost you around 17 euros. For nearby destinations and travelling within the city, the ticket is offered at around 2 euros. However, it is important to note that some cities do not have public transportation systems. In these cities, you can hire scooters or taxis. ATV rental is also a popular transport in these cities, and can cost around 17 to 35 euros for a full day.

If you perhaps find yourself in Crete, Rental Center Crete has some great deals on rental cars, giving you the flexibility to fill up the tank and explore some of the places public transportation does not readily reach. You can also stopover wherever you desire for as long as you like, as a result.

By saving up the money spent on transportation, you can have more money left over for participating in recreational activities and staying in luxury Crete villas. Another great way to save money is to eat street food as opposed to dining in expensive restaurants. Even a roadside cafes offer scrumptious, traditional and hygienic fare. Greek cities have local markets which offer freshly cooked meats and vegetables with fruit cocktails in small cafes. Don’t forget to taste the Shrimp Saganaki with Greek salad before returning home.