A place at a holiday park is more than just a place to stay for the night, the accommodation is only a tiny slither of the experience. To assure that you make the most of your stay at a holiday park, here is our guide to all holiday parks have to offer and the various activities you can enjoy during your time there.

Now all holiday parks are slightly different, but most major sites have a similar set of activities and facilities on their sights. Here we will use one of the UK’s most popular parks as an example, Woolacombe Bay, but this guide should be applicable to almost all of them.

Explore the location the park is set in

Woolacombe bay is attractive in large part due to its hillside location, stunning views out onto the sea, and then being able to walk directly to the beach. All of this makes it the perfect location for a traditional British seaside holiday. Make sure to explore this whilst you are there! Not every holiday park is set against one of the UK’s most famous beaches, but wherever it is, there will be interesting things to do just outside the accommodation of the park.

Physical Activities

Whilst holidays are often associated with relaxation and trying to create a sense of calm, you can also have a great deal of fun by doing adrenaline-filled activities like hunting, for instance. This is one activity that mostly all families love to try when they are holidaying. And for this, other than the set of skills, the only requirement is a good gun. Well, if you have a gun, then great, you can just clean it inside out to make it ready for your holiday fun. In case you don’t own a gun as of yet, you can try winning one in the gun raffle contest.

Other than this, you can also amp your adrenaline up by swimming. Apparently, Woolacombe has an outdoor pool with an exhilarating water flume that kids and fun-loving adults can enjoy equally. If you are less interested in aquatic activities, there are wonderful adventure trails that you can explore by foot, on a Segway safari or by Zorb. If you would prefer to explore the heights rather than woodland trails, there is a thrilling climbing wall you can tap into your roots as primates.

If you want to spend your time outside, but at a more relaxed pace, there are a variety of types of golf that you can lose yourself in.


If you want some fun, but are less intrigued by exerting yourself physically, there are still plenty of opportunities to enjoy yourself with the holiday park’s entertainment options. Chief among them are a fully-fledged Cinema that is equipped with the same current films as any highstreet cinema. Sit back with your popcorn and catch the latest flicks so you have no fear of returning from your holiday and having your most anticipated film spoiled for you.


Returning to the idea of lounging around being at the heart of the holiday park, whilst we have dispelled the idea that’s only what holiday parks have to offer, it is still true that they are brilliant places to destress and relax.

There are well heated indoor pools you can chill in, top quality spa facilities to enter new levels of relaxation in; all whilst being near the Castaways pirate play pool if you have got young kids. You can also take along some of the Best Refillable Non-Toxic Bubbles for the young ones (or even the adults!) to blow some colorful bubbles in the outdoors. This allows you to relax looking outside to one of the best views in the country, whilst your kids experience the legendary pool and pretend to be pirates.

If you’d rather not sweat yourself out in a sauna, there are other options for you to relax with. If you would like to tap into your artistic side, most holiday parks will offer fun arts and craft’s activities, such as pottery painting at Woolacombe.

Hopefully this article has helped expand your thoughts on what a holiday park has to offer, and will help you plan your itinerary if you have already booked a stay at one.