Just as is the case with pretty much anything that forms part of what we’re conscious of, searching for information on how to fund your traveller’s lifestyle online can go either way. I’d say about 99% of the stuff you’ll come across is only useful in relaying to you what your dream looks like, otherwise what most of this content you’ll come across is leading up to, is to try and get you to buy something. There are no problems I guess if you end up buying something you were going to buy anyway, but what really bothers me is a cycle which basically advertises a dream of blissful, endless travel, but sells something completely different. Basically the typical wannabe traveller is extremely susceptible to buying some e-book that purports to show them all they need to know about funding their traveller’s lifestyle, but it almost always ends in the same way – disappointment!

Look I know from my own experiences just how big of a balancing act it is to continuously fund one’s travels, especially if you want to travel for prolonged, uninterrupted periods of time. Naturally, you’d look towards ways of potentially earning some money while you’re on the go, which is indeed possible, but the core principles of earning money should never be traded in for some silver-bullet e-book or “programme.”

Remember that the online world is fundamentally an extension of the “physical” world, so in the same way that a book you buy at your bookstore will never be a money-generating silver bullet, an online equivalent in the form of an e-book isn’t a money-generating magic wand. There are, however, some ways through which you can generate a good income on the go, in pursuit of living what is fast becoming the new traveler’s dream of the very act of your travels earning you more money.

Moreover, ensure that you have a day job that suits your travel goals and does not restrain you from living your dreams. In that case, you can also get a remote job, which may require you to drop by the office once in a while, and you can easily work from your home office (set up your personal office by getting products from officemonster.co.uk/office-furniture or similar websites) or while traveling. And along with this, travel blogging, vlogging or freelancing can get you more money.

I must admit that this is some information I wish I knew before I left on my global escapades, but then again I still have time on my side so perhaps there’s a global traveller’s encore in the pipeline.


I was a bit reluctant to list blogging first as a funding source for the traveller’s lifestyle because that would imply that you can make (lots of) money with your blog from day one. Anyway, these funding sources aren’t listed in any particular order, so…

Unless you’ve lined up some sponsors who are willing to pre-fund your travels and other financial requirements through placing ads on your blog in return for exposure, it otherwise takes a lot of time and effort to build up the kind of momentum to attract advertisers to the impressive numbers linked to your blog’s audience. So blogging is an option, but first start with filling it up with authentic content that can garner attention. It might also be a good idea to work with SEO companies who can help you increase the traffic in your blog page (visit https://victoriousseo.com/ for more information about SEO optimization). Once you have completed these steps, you can think of monetising it later.

Selling E-Products

Whether it’s your own electronic products such as informative and helpful e-books, or indeed if you become an affiliate and sell other people’s electronic products, this can be a great way of funding your travels. It doesn’t explicitly have to be e-products however, because through the likes of Amazon, you can effectively sell stuff you’ve never even held in your own hands to people you’ll likely never meet in your life, all while you enjoy your travels.


Working as a freelancer is perhaps the online equivalent of having a real-world part-time or full-time job, except you’d be looking at jobs such as writing, programming, consulting, graphic or web design, etc., since these are the types of jobs you can complete and deliver online, leaving the rest of your time open for your travel-related activities.