In southwest London, Clapham has spread outward in the years and presently extends to both sides of the Wandsworth and Lambeth districts. Generally, it can be distributed in four areas: Clapham Old Town, Clapham North, Clapham Junction, and Clapham South, and it is among the most common places to stay in London.

The closest neighbour is trendy Brixton, hence there is no shortage of entertainment places around your house. Between Junction and North, a length of two miles, the areas are very different and each can be deliberated to have its specific “tribes”.

Renowned faces like Piers Morgan, Redgrave and the JK Rowling acting clan lived there, so whatever area you select, you are probably in great company.

History of Clapham London

With archives dating back more than 1,000 years, Clapham certainly has an interesting and long history. Named in the Domesday Book like ‘Clopeham’, it developed from a minor town in the Surry countryside and became a major area in the 18th and 19th centuries. Throughout this period, many social activists moved to the area, comprising a group recognized as ‘The Clapham Sect’. Wilberforce was among the most well-known members and led his movement for the eradication of Clapham slavery.

The coming of the railroad changed Clapham’s demographics when the upper classes relocated and the place became a working-class neighbourhood since 1900. The place was heavily bombed during World War II and several bomb shelters can be perceived around Clapham.

Who Lives in Clapham?

When most London residents consider Clapham stereotypes, they immediately come to mind in two different groups: the City Boys and the Australians. Due to the proximity and size to highly multicultural regions like Brixton, you could find almost all kinds of people here. While young professionals and the Australians dominate High Street on Saturday nights. The Common and the cafes fill up on Sunday mornings with students and families enjoying breakfast at one of the numerous local restaurants.

Clapham South and Old Town, as the most expensive areas, are usually where families settle down, while Clapham Junction and Clapham North have a more student-like vibe, with many shared flats and many bars close by.

Clapham Vacation Rentals

Rental costs in Clapham have been increasing steadily in recent years. But, dependent on which region of Clapham you select, it is still likely to discover a bargain. City tax is something to keep in mind too: With Clapham in Wandsworth and Lambeth counties, you can pay double on the Lambeth side (some in Clapham South and Old Town, and Clapham North) or enjoy a portion of the cheaper city tax on Wandsworth side in England!

Transport from Clapham London

Another major Clapham attraction, especially for city workers, is the excellent transport links. London can be reached in 10 minutes via train from a station at Clapham Junction. Not only this, but you can also get very far from London. Clapham Junction trains go to places like Gatwick Airport, Hastings, Portsmouth and many more.

Moving to the City of Clapham

Excellent restaurants and bars ideal for dating in Clapham, vibrant nightlife, great transportation links, and lots of open spaces are in this place. The terms “something for everyone” are flung lightly, however, they perfectly symbolize Clapham. Whatever your taste, the City of southwest London got you covered.

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