If you’re getting ready to visit Bristol, you’re going to need to find accommodation in Bristol that meets the needs of you and your party.


Well, you’re in luck. Bristol has a number of accommodation options that will cater to groups of all sizes and needs. However, some are definitely better than others, and choosing the wrong one might give you a poor experience in such an amazing city.


So, we’ve highlighted three of the options at your disposal; along with the traits that make them each worth a shot.




The AirBnB concept allows homeowners to essentially rent out spare rooms as makeshift hotels, and it gives those homeowners freedom to choose what they’ll offer to guests, what restrictions, they have, and what they’ll charge per night. It also gives travelers far more options to choose from to match their budget or meet their needs while abroad.


However, they’re not exactly perfect. Remember, this entails you staying in someone’s home. They don’t leave while you’re there, either. You rent it, and you get a room or two depending on the deal. This is a lot like your neighbor telling you, you can stay in their spare bedroom for the night if you pay them $30.


Some AirBnBs sweeten the deal with living spaces that are separate from the owner’s home, small kitchen or appliance accommodations located in the AirBnB portion of the rented space, or even homecooked meals for guests at set periods. However, you have to put in a lot of research to make sure what’s on offer is worth your time and money.




Hotels are solid arrangements for most. They greatly lack space, and they don’t feature things such as kitchens and washing appliances. However, they’re fairly priced, private, and more than enough for one or two people to enjoy a short stay.


However, the features they lack beg the question of whether or not you’re really getting a good deal. Sure, you don’t need a clothes washer or dryer for a two-day stay, but you still need a way to cook, maybe store some small food items, and practice proper hygiene, right? Well, in a hotel, you’ll be paying roughly 60 Euros per person, and your room will include a microwave, a stand-in shower in a cramped, closet-sized, bathroom, and a television. That’s about it.


If you ask us, it’s not worth it unless you’re only staying for a single night and plan to eat out or skip your shower for the night.


Serviced Apartments:

Serviced apartments are growing in popularity across Bristol. This is because, for a reasonable price, you get a whole apartment to yourself; without the lease or other annoying legal ties. You book a serviced apartment just like you would a hotel, and you get a full-sized apartment, private bedrooms, a full living room and kitchen, and even a full bathroom. On top of that, it’ll be entirely furnished for you.


These are more expensive than hotels, but not by much. The average cost per night is about 120 Euros or the price of a one-night hotel stay for a couple. Except, there’s plenty of room for a full party, and you get a fully-furnished living experience.