Holiday parks are extremely popular. They pack tons of activities into one spot, and you can more or less enjoy a full vacation without ever having to leave the park. 


However, can’t you just plan your own vacation and get the same experience? What’s stopping you from booking horseback riding lessons with a stop at a renowned gastro pub scheduled for right after them? 


Well, you can do that, and you might be wondering if holiday parks in Devon are even worth the price, or if you can plan your own vacation for less. 


We’re going to go over the benefits of holiday parks to put it in perspective a bit. You might be surprised. 


1: Variety of Activities


One thing people wonder about is whether or not the holiday park will actually keep them busy throughout their entire stay. After all, you might be on vacation for a week straight. Is there really enough to do to keep the trip exciting, or are you going to get bored three days in?


Well, you don’t have to worry. A holiday park isn’t just a beach, a playground, and a pub. There are tons of things to do. 


In Devon’s parks, you can go horseback riding one day, and then the next, you’re on the beach. There are built-in waterparks at each holiday park if you want to enjoy things such as waterslides, surf simulators, and more, and there are even fishing opportunities available.


If you’re feeling a little more relaxed, you might just want to check out the pubs and try some unique twists on British food or sit back with a stiff drink while your kids are enjoying the playground. If you meet some friends, or you have enough people in your family, you can even start up a sporting tournament for tennis, volleyball, and other easy-to-get-into sports. 


Either way, you’re not going to get bored unless you’re on vacation for a VERY long time. 


2: Proximity of Activities


If you’ve gone on an elaborate holiday before, you understand just how much time you spend simply driving from place to place. That drives up costs, wastes time, and isn’t exactly relaxing. 


At holiday parks, all of the things we listed above are within reasonable walking distance of one another. You can be fishing one minute, and then out horseback riding ten minutes later. There’s no need for hour-long drives along the countryside or wasting time putting addresses into a GPS. 


3: Costs


The average UK vacation costs over 4000 EUR. That’s not including the personal spending of each family member; which usually totals over 200 EUR per person per day. That’s pretty expensive. 


In comparison, a holiday park pass for the family can cost half that. Especially if you bring a caravan instead of booking a room and cook a few of your meals every once in a while. 


Is It Worth it?


So, is a holiday park worth it? Yeah, it is. It’s more cost-effective, saves you time, and ensures you have a great holiday without having to travel around or plan things.