These days, traveling is not only an opportunity to discover how wonderful our world is. It also gives you the chance to lend a helping hand to the less fortunate. It is a way to give back to local communities and to share your talent. This is specifically possible through being engaged in a variety of volunteer activities that are available in your destination.

Pre-University Medical Volunteering in India

About to become a doctor anytime soon? Before practicing in your home country, it will be good to have a foreign practice in India. There are many opportunities that are available for people who aspire to be doctors or even for those who plan to be in any other field of medicine.

As a pre-university medical volunteer in India, you will not only be able to share your skills, but this is also going to be a significant learning opportunity. You will be involved in the daily operations of medical institutions, including hospitals and clinics. You will act as an observer and you will also be helping doctors and nurses in the performance of their duties. Check out Peace Corps and Doctors Without Borders to learn more about some of the most attractive medical volunteering opportunities that are available in India.

Sports Coaching in South Africa

For the young ones who have the energy to spare, teaching sports programmes in South Africa can also prove to be promising. This is not only your chance to teach the technical aspect of a specific sport, but will also be an opportunity to inspire the locals to live a fitter and healthier lifestyle.

There are many things that can be done if you opt to volunteer for sports activities in South Africa. You can assist coaches of teams or teach kids in local communities, specifically those without access to formal programmes. You can also teach disadvantaged children and inspire them to do well in their craft in spite of their situation. You can bring new knowledge to the locals. You can work in a fully-equipped sports facility or in an open field that can function as a make-shift sports centre. You can even assist in hosting tournaments so that those who have been taught will have a chance to show off what they have learned.

Over 50s Volunteer Teaching in Sri Lanka

Volunteering does not always need to require intensive physical activity. With this, there are many opportunities for people who are over 50. A perfect example of this would be teaching, specifically in Sri Lanka. Having teaching experience or formal background in education is not a requirement. As long as you are passionate about sharing your knowledge, this is an excellent volunteering activity.

There are many options when it comes to what you can teach in Sri Lanka. Most people, however, are teaching English to children considering that such language is not widely spoken in the country. Math and Science are also common subjects. For those with a creative mind, teaching art and music is also possible. You can volunteer in schools or in local communities.