There are quite a few websites and services available that let travelers search for local rooms, apartments and even entire homes for rent throughout the world. This is increasingly becoming the preferred way travelers to Europe stay while they’re abroad. is an online travel service that can help people integrate all of their travel plans including planes, bus, train and Eurail itineraries, along with their Airbnb accommodations, but the question then becomes how to select the right short-term European rental.


If you’re looking for the best possible experience when you choose a short-term rental, it’s likely you want first and foremost to think about location. Of course, an ideal location isn’t going to be the same for everyone. Rental listings will have neighborhood information in many cases, and you can also do your own research. Reading renter reviews will also help you glean valuable location information.


Owners who rent out their entire apartment or a room in their home will often set their own constraints and parameters, so make sure these are in line with your requirements. If you’re traveling with a pet, certainly don’t book an apartment that doesn’t allow them. Some owners don’t prefer to have young children either, or their buildings may not be appropriate for them, so it’s something else to keep in mind.

How many listings does the owner have?

If you find an apartment you’re interested in and then see the owner has several listings on the site, you may want to reconsider. These people are usually property managers, and based on the experiences of other travelers,  you might not get as much of a high-quality rental as you would by renting from an individual owner.

Think About Transport Options

You want to select a rental that’s going to provide you the opportunity to get around the city easily, or even get to other places in Europe. Aside from looking for attractions like bars and restaurants in the neighborhood, also think about where public transportation hubs are located relative to where you would be staying.

Start Your Search Early

As with anything, some short-term European rentals are going to be better than others, so if you want the prime selection of options, it’s a good idea to start early. Remember, a lot of people book their vacations months or even years in advance, so the earlier you can get started, the better the options you’re likely to have.

Are the Photos Verified?

When you book a short-term rental, you certainly don’t want to be wowed by amazing photos and then get there only to discover you’ve been duped. Make sure the photos you see on a site like Airbnb are verified, which means other people have been there and can say it looks like the pictures represent.

Does the owner have a history as a renter?

While looking at a homeowner’s history as a landlord is great, you should also try to see whether or not they have a history of renting from other people as well. This will show you more about their reputation, which can be particularly important if you’re only renting a room.