More people than not are guilty of overpacking when they travel.  The problem with this is that it can lead to extra baggage fees, unnecessary stress, and ultimately a sore back. While you could always avoid this by flying privately through a company like because you have almost unlimited baggage, packing economically is also a useful skill. Smart packing means less hassle and ultimately, a smoother traveling experience.

Here are some of the best tips for packing next time that you go on a trip.

Create a List

Even though you might think that you can remember everything that you need to bring, it’s easy to forget the essentials.  There’s nothing worse than arriving at your destination, realizing that you’ve forgotten an essential item.

Create a list at least a week before your trip so that you know exactly what you need to bring.  Make sure that you review your list over and over to ensure that it includes the essentials. You should bring things like sunblock, sunglasses to protect your eyes, and anything else that you think you may need for your destination.

Try to edit the list a few times to see if you can eliminate a few things.  Even though you may be convinced that you may need to pack for every possible scenario, a lot of things are easily purchased at your destination, like toiletries.

Roll Your Clothing

This is one of the best tricks out there.  Rolling your clothes instead of folding them will save you a considerable amount of space in your suitcase.  You can fit as much as double the load by simply rolling instead of folding your clothes.

Skip The Shoes

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to cut back on the amount of shoes that you wear.  Expert travelers travel with only one pair, however, if you absolutely must, travel with two. Make sure that the heaviest pair is on your feet during the flight, which will reduce the weight of your luggage.

Carry On Your Luggage If Possible

Sometimes it’s not always possible to travel with carry-on only.  You may have things that aren’t allowed on the plane which you absolutely need to travel with.

However, for shorter trips, it’s ideal to travel with carry-on only.  You’ll spend less time worry about check-in and finding your bag after the flight.  You can also avoid pesky baggage fees.

Wear Your Heavy Clothing On The Plane

When traveling with checked luggage, you should wear your heaviest clothing on the plane with you to eliminate bag bulk.  You’ll also stay warm if the plane is cold.

Leave Room In Your Bag

One of the most important golden rules of traveling is that you always seem to go home with more things than you left with for your trip.  Therefore, you should always leave a bit of room in your bag for bringing back souvenirs or extra toiletries that you purchased abroad.