If you are currently planning a honeymoon, then you might be tempted to have it in an exotic overseas location like St. Lucia or the Maldives. Nonetheless, a move this adventurous could be expensive; research cited by the Daily Mail has revealed that honeymoons, on average, take up 15% of a couple’s overall wedding budget.

Fortunately, keeping your honeymoon on British shores is not only palatable, but also exciting. Here are various UK settings that are well worth considering for your post-wedding trip.

Lake District

Many of us who are thoroughly familiar with the Lake District wouldn’t have been surprised when this, the largest national park in England, recently became a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The scenery is stunning, comprising huge mountains and lakes and quaint stone cottages.

The romantic feel of the place also fuels its suitability as a honeymoon setting. Whether you want to hike up fells, join a steamboat, or relax in a traditional pub, it’s all possible in the Lake District.

Scottish Highlands

While a honeymoon to the Scottish Highlands is unlikely to result in you and your partner seeing the Loch Ness Monster for real, there remain many merits to a stay here.

If you would like a soothing experience, then check out the waterfalls and beautiful castles. If you are more of an adrenaline junkie, then white-water rafting and mountain biking are appealing activities to try in the Highlands, where you can also taste some of Scotland’s best food and drink.


This seaside resort in North West England has many obvious attractions – including Blackpool Tower, Blackpool Zoo, and the Pleasure Beach. If you remain doubtful about whether to choose Blackpool for your honeymoon in particular, consider that it has gotten a thumbs-up from Robbie Williams.

In 2010, Metro quoted the music star enthusing: “I thought it was the best place to take my wife on my honeymoon”, adding that she had visited the Pleasure Beach and eaten some chips in Blackpool. Furthermore, booking a well-recommended Blackpool B&B doesn’t have to be tricky.


If hitting the beach is an opportunity that you would love to have during a honeymoon, then Devon is certainly recommended. The beaches here are long and sandy, while there’s no shortage of other beauty to enjoy on the doorstep – including five official Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

You still don’t have to feel dauntingly isolated from civilization, however. There are plenty of concealed coastal villages – and a country pub in which to relax won’t be too far away.


History and ice cream? Why not combine both of those wonderful things in one honeymoon? You genuinely can when you take that honeymoon to the part of south-west Wales called Pembrokeshire, where you can see the historical Carew Castle. Alternatively, as The Culture Trip highlights, you can head to Tenby Harbour to pick up an ice cream.

Other plus points of Pembrokeshire include lovely coastline and stunning views of the sea. There’s also a good supply of acclaimed beaches in the county.