Mauritius has got something for everyone. This gorgeous, exotic African island will thrill beach fanatics, culture lovers, nature freaks and food addicts. Colonial towns, busy traditional markets, national parks, amazing wildlife, white sand beaches, cosy homes and luxury villas, Mauritius has it all, making it a unique, diverse and amazing holiday destination. Here are 5 must-do activities in Mauritius:

1) Go on Safari

Mauritius is part of Africa, so a safari trip cannot be missing during your stay on the island. At the Casela Nature & Leisure Park, you will spot all kinds of exotic birds and see big mammals such as tigers, cheetahs, giraffes, ostriches and giant turtles up close. It certainly is an amazing and perhaps a once-in-a-lifetime wildlife experience to cherish for the rest of your life.

2) Try the local food

One of the highlights of visiting a country with such an exotic culture and unique traditions is that you can go on a heavenly food journey. In Mauritius, the local cuisine is rich and delicious, influenced by so many different countries over time that it is truly unique. Of course, there are plenty of restaurants around but the best way to get a taste of the authentic Mauritian food is at markets such as the big and colourful traditional market in Port Louis. It is in these kinds of markets that the food is truly local and freshly made for you right in front of your eyes. Food lovers will go wild at the yummy local curries served with freshly baked pancake-style or Indian bread. A great local drink is fresh sugarcane juice, delicious and perfectly refreshing on a hot Mauritian day.

3) Swim, snorkel, dive and sunbathe – Mauritian beaches

Mauritius is one exotic island and it is completely surrounded by beautiful beaches that come straight off the covers of travel magazines. Utterly tropical, beautiful crescent bays, swaying palm trees, azure and turquoise waters Рit is a beach paradise. So, get your coconut and hammock, your sunglasses, sunblock and off you go for a lovely beach day. There’s a beach for everyone in Mauritius. Swim, snorkel, dive or watch whales and dolphins? Your choice.

4) See the natural wonders of the island

Yes, Mauritius is home to some amazing natural wonders such as The Seven Colored Earth in Chamarel. These sand dunes shimmer in beautiful enchanting colours of red, copper, yellow, blue, purple, orange and green. This natural phenomenon is caused by volcanic activity in this part of the island. On the waym you will pass pineapple and banana groves as well as sugarcane plantations. Make sure you stop at the dramatic Chamarel waterfalls, too. It is an impressive sight to see the water cascading down with great force from 83 meters high. Down below, in the natural pool, you can go for a swim. Bring your bathers!

  1. Stay in a luxury villa

The best and most comfortable way to enjoy your stay on the island of Mauritius is by booking a private pool holiday rental for you and your loved ones to stay at. There are plenty of gorgeous villas to choose from ranging from charming traditional homes to exquisite luxury villas. There is something for everyone, suited to every budget. Wake up under the sun, enjoy breakfast by the pool, take a plunge and head off to the beach or to town, your private and comfy home away from home in Mauritius will welcome you warmly at the end of the day.

Written by Stephanie Peeters of Villa-Finder