Starting to plan your 2017 holiday? Keep on reading and we’ll suggest some of the best destinations that will surely get you in the holiday mood. Be prepared to inspire the wanderlust in you. Regardless of what you find interesting, the following places are definitely worth considering.


Madrid and Barcelona are two of the places that will surely be mentioned when talking about Spain. If you are looking for one that is equally exciting, try Seville. While there are many attractions that are worth checking out, one that should not be missed is Real Alcazar de Sevilla, which is known as one of Europe’s oldest and most charming palaces. Plaza Virgen de los Reyes, a Gothic cathedral, is another sight to behold. Make sure to watch performances of flamenco dancing and bull-fighting as well.


Morocco is one exotic destination that will surely leave you in awe. While the country offers a wide selection of attractions, one of the most popular is Marrakech. It is a city that is rich with stunning architecture, including those that have been around for centuries. It also has a variety of souks or traditional markets, which are the perfect places to shop for textiles, spices, and unique souvenirs. You are sure to have a gastronomic feast as well as it has gained reputation for its culinary heritage.


Thailand may have gained popularity because of their beaches, but its capital is also the perfect choice for anyone who prefer city living. Bangkok presents the seamless combination of the old and the new. It is home to towering skyscrapers, as well as ancient temples and palaces. It has high-end malls, but its streets are also filled with traditional markets. You will be spoiled for choices when it comes to fine dining establishments, but it is also popular for its traditional street food. Be sure to check out the best rooftop bars in the city, as well as Khao San, which is known as the centre of the backpacking universe.


Beijing is known as the most popular tourist destination in China. Nonetheless, Shanghai is slowly keeping up. This is especially true as it opened its own Disneyland just a few months ago, making it an excellent destination for families. It is also a thriving metropolis. It is also a great choice if you love shopping. For sure, you will be happy with its wide selection of designer stores and boutiques. It is also a great place to sample the best of Chinese cuisine.


The pride of Czech Republic, Prague is one of the best cities that you should see when in Europe. Among others, one of the best attractions is the Old Town Hall, which has been around since 1338. Make sure to also see the Prague astronomical clock. It is a mechanical clock face known for being in existence for more than 600 years. You should definitely not leave without visiting one of their beer gardens. Beer is a big part of Prague!