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Equipment Necessary For Travel Photography

Travel photography is an artistic genre of photography, which can involve the photographing of the landscape of a place, people, cultural traditions, customs, and the history of the region. The photographer should be in full command of his subject, to create a...

Exploring Angola from a Former Local’s Perspective

Since the inauguration of Angola's first Open Mic, the country's burgeoning music scene has quickly exploded with a new momentum, a big contingent of musicians all working on their own original projects, or making music with one another. The scope of the music scene...

Places to Check Out on Your Thailand Tour

If you are looking for a great holiday destinations in Asia, then you will certainly want to check hotels in these exotic locales. The places mentioned below will provide you with some wonderful and exciting holidays. These places are among the most visited by...

Tips for Budget Travelling Destinations in Australia

Are you planning a family holiday? Budget travelling is a must for most families. With the price of everything going up, it s hard to stick to any leisure travel schedule with such a tight budget. But each problem has got its own solution. So, let's break it all down...

Who am I?

Hi guys! I'm Tim! I'm a bit of a cling-on. I went traveling through my mid to late twenties and I can't quite let go. I travelled all around the world on two different occasions. This blog really is just about my times abroad and the memories I've got and I welcome others to contribute to the blog and share their memories and experiences from their travels too. I look forward to getting to know you and hope you enjoy my blog!

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