Tel Aviv isn’t just the most beautiful Israeli city, it is also the most cosmopolitan. The jewel of Mediterranean, this hip and hedonist place is perfect for the young and restless. However, its food, culture and the overall enthusiasm towards life attracts tourists from across the globe, regardless of their age or tastes. It is also the reasons why Tel Aviv flights are operated from all major cities in the world.

When you are here, you will notice a modern space, the name of which translates to ‘Hill of Spring’ in Hebrew. There is always a party going on somewhere and you could taste a multitude of cuisines in the heart of the place. Though the beaches here get the most attention from the tourists because of their splendid beauty, you will also find Jaffa which comes with a fine taste of the most mesmerizing Arab heritage of the region.

This is not all, UNESCO-listed Bauhaus buildings are also located here. When you want to live off the grid, simply go to Neve Tzedek or enjoy your time in Florentine. The bistros here are simply amazing. These upmarket spaces are the perfect meeting places for budding entrepreneurs who are rewriting the history of this region.

All the cranes and skyscrapers seen here are a reminder that you are entering a quickly developing, heavily modernized world that is connected to its heritage, but doesn’t consider it a limitation to its growth. The hummus joints and pumping bars are equally popular and people who are looking for some peace will find it in the parks. The military museums tell a vibrant story of the nation’s exploits in war and if you don’t want to see them, you can find meaning in the art galleries dotted around here.

The first place you should go to is the Gordon Beach. The main beach here, it is very popular among the locals and travelers alike. People love to sun bathe on the sands or play paddle ball with their friends. To get the most authentic taste of their past, you must visit the Jaffa Flea Market which is located in the Old City region. It is attractive but overwhelming. However, it remains a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Cafes, bars, and street stalls sell everything from furniture to vintage clothes.

Some beautiful wood crafts, old musical instruments and genuine antiques can also be found here. Outdoor entertainment is also present during the summer nights and the lights of the market simply take your breath away. The Carmel Market is equally popular here. It is a beautiful, colorful, and very vibrant place that provides you a glimpse of typical Asian markets. The streets are small and crowded but there is always an air of celebration around. Come here for various oils, nuts, pickles, fruits, fresh bread and even some classy accessories.

You will be enthralled to be here. The colors, sounds and the overall appeal of this place is unmatched even by the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. The Mediterranean Manhattan is a sight to behold.