The telescope is a fascinating device, used the world over to view not only the heavenly bodies of the night sky, but also to take a close look at the surrounding scenery. The telescope, in its basic and familiar form, has been around since it was first invented in the early 1600’s – that’s a long time ago. These days, you can find a wide range of different types of telescope, and some of them are very portable – as well as powerful! There are also travel telescopes; these are designed especially to be compact but versatile, and if viewing the planets and stars is your thing, we think you will want to know about them.

One of the main problems facing astronomers – both professional and amateur – is that of light pollution. Anywhere close to a major town or city will be light even in the middle of the night, thanks to the many streetlights and homes that remain it up. This means you won’t get a very good view of the night sky, so you need to travel to somewhere with low light pollution. There are, however, many designated ‘Dark Sky’ areas throughout the UK and the rest of the world, and it is best to travel to these for the best results. In fact, the biggest in Europe is in the UK – in Kielder Forest, Northumberland where there is an observatory.

Choosing Your Travel Telescope

So, how do you choose the best travel telescope for your needs? Well, budget is a consideration, of course, so we recommend you check out a review of the top 10 best travel telescopes at a great site called It gives you full specifications of all the models available – from a range of well-known brands – including power, portability and price, so you can read through at your leisure and decide which is for you. They also offer pros and cons of each one, and there are plenty of great reviews of a variety of other items, too.

Naturally, you need to look for one that is as light and portable as a telescope will be, but without impacting on its usability. Check the magnification level, too, and you will most likely want one with a quality stand for added stability. These are all quality items with highly impressive optical ability, so choose carefully and you will be able to see details of the moon to a standard you might not believe possible!

Travel telescopes are great for educating kids on the night sky, too, so take your children with you and they will be wowed by what they see through the scope. There really is so much to see out there, and no matter how often you view, there will always be something new to amaze you. Have a look at the website now for information on the best travel telescopes, and even if you haven’t been into astronomy before, be prepared to be amazed and hooked on what is a fascinating and rewarding hobby.