Australia – A Long Journey Worth Making

If you’re travelling from the UK, or anywhere else in the whole world really (except maybe southern Asia), Australia is for some reason not mentioned often as a preferred destination. It is indeed a long, long flight, the actual number of flights to and from Australia...

3-4k For A Gap Year – Sounds About Right

My travelling days are perhaps as close as one can get to taking a gap year without it being referred to as a gap year in the traditional sense, but I can totally understand why about 37% of young Brits would love to take one, even though they can’t really afford it....

The Best Footwear for a Traveller

Travellers have a lot to think about when they’re preparing to head off around the world. They need to get the right Visas, any vaccinations, book flights and hostels and work out exactly what they can bring with them in their backpacks. It’s worth considering your...

7 Tips to Find the Right Short-Term European Rental

There are quite a few websites and services available that let travelers search for local rooms, apartments and even entire homes for rent throughout the world. This is increasingly becoming the preferred way travelers to Europe stay while they’re abroad.

World Travel Requirements Demystified

It all starts with catching wind of a faraway place you develop a strong desire to visit, mostly through something about that particular place which appears on TV, online or something which is shared by someone else who has visited. Once desire turns into some serious...

Who am I?

Hi guys! I'm Tim! I'm a bit of a cling-on. I went traveling through my mid to late twenties and I can't quite let go. I travelled all around the world on two different occasions. This blog really is just about my times abroad and the memories I've got and I welcome others to contribute to the blog and share their memories and experiences from their travels too. I look forward to getting to know you and hope you enjoy my blog!

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