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  • Living Room Decor Ideas to Reflect Your Traveller’s Spirit

    Travel Decor

    It’s perhaps true for every new homemaker, that being that decorating your home seems to be an ongoing process, but even more so for travellers. You sort of fall into what emerges as some living room ideas you perhaps didn’t originally plan to do-up your living interiors with, fuelled by your traveller’s spirit and perhaps […]

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  • Australia – A Long Journey Worth Making


    If you’re travelling from the UK, or anywhere else in the whole world really (except maybe southern Asia), Australia is for some reason not mentioned often as a preferred destination. It is indeed a long, long flight, the actual number of flights to and from Australia suggests that it’s actually a very, very popular destination. […]

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  • The Best Type of Accommodation for Backpackers


    The Best Type of Accommodation for Backpackers The desire to travel is in itself a special property which is seemingly only carried by a few people in the world, but backpackers make for a special type of traveller. As a backpacker, the aim is to travel as light as possible so that you can cover […]

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  • The Best Footwear for a Traveller

    Walking Boots

    Travellers have a lot to think about when they’re preparing to head off around the world. They need to get the right Visas, any vaccinations, book flights and hostels and work out exactly what they can bring with them in their backpacks. It’s worth considering your footwear carefully too though; shoes can take up a […]

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  • 7 Tips to Find the Right Short-Term European Rental


    There are quite a few websites and services available that let travelers search for local rooms, apartments and even entire homes for rent throughout the world. This is increasingly becoming the preferred way travelers to Europe stay while they’re abroad. GoEuro.com is an online travel service that can help people integrate all of their travel […]

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  • World Travel Requirements Demystified

    USA Travel

    It all starts with catching wind of a faraway place you develop a strong desire to visit, mostly through something about that particular place which appears on TV, online or something which is shared by someone else who has visited. Once desire turns into some serious action though, getting a passport is just the start […]

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  • Top 4 Things to Do in Liverpool


    In my last blog, I spoke about how I fell in love with Liverpool’s musical and maritime history. I recently had the pleasure of visiting the city and realised there is a lot to love and learn about Liverpool. Many people often have misconceptions of Liverpool, myself included, but I was pleasantly surprised to learn […]